Doctorate in Business Administration
Doctorate in Business Administration Doctorate  University of Atlanta, USA Malaysia Johor Asia e University (AEU) | Eduedge Learning Centre Sdn. Bhd.
"The University of Atlanta’s Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program in Managerial Science has been designed for a diversified student body: experienced business professionals who wish to translate corporate experience into senior leadership options, be it as a member of the executive team within their current organization or as a top competitor in other settings; individuals at any stage of their career who, beyond their completed Master’s level studies in Business or Management, are inspired to soar higher, to explore, examine and critically evaluate theories, applications, concepts, processes and conventions in new, creative ways; those who, already part of the world of higher education or headed in such direction, seek an appointment or professional advancement that the DBA is apt to facilitate; and those who, focused less on specific objectives, as conventionally defined, and more on the process of, and quest for, further growth and development, seek the learning experience that such a program promises to provide.
Entry Requirements
  • Hold both a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree from an accredited university or from a Ministry of Education approved institution, if outside the United States
Course No. Course Title Credits
Research Methods Courses (REQUIRED) = 2 Courses
DBA861 Research Methods 1 3
DBA862 Research Methods II 3
Core Course (Choose 9 of 12)
DBA800 Human Capital Management in Organizations 3
DBA801 Enterprise Leadership in Organizations 3
DBA810 Managerial Technology in Business 3
DBA811 Managerial Negotiations 3
DBA816 Innovation Management 3
DBA820 Marketing Research and Analysis 3
DBA825 Applied Corporate Finance 3
DBA836 Contemporary Global Marketing 3
DBA839 Dynamics of Corporate Strategy 3
DBA840 Organizational Management and Change 3
DBA841 Business Strategies for a Global Environment 3
DBA851 Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility 3
Topic Courses
Directed Individualized Research (All Three Required)
DBA871 Special Topics - Global Studies 3
DBA872 Special Topics - Strategic Studies 3
DBA873 Special Topics - Project Management 3
Dissertation Proposal Course (Required)
DBA 900 Research Proposal and Prospectus 3
Dissertation Research (All Three Required)
DBA 971 Doctoral Dissertation I - (S/U)
DBA 972 Doctoral Dissertation II - (S/U)
DBA873 Doctoral Dissertation III 15
Total 18 courses 60 credits

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